Create a Marketing Plan for Your Thriving Art Business

Create a Marketing Plan for Your Thriving Art Business

A 6-week course to take you from confused and overwhelmed by marketing to knowing what you need to do to sell your art.


You deserve to make a living with your art!

The gallery model will never be the same. You, the artist, now need to be the one marketing your own work. But how do you know what to do now so you don't end up spinning your wheels, spending a ton of time and energy, and having nothing to show for it in the end?

I know it's not easy to sell your art these days.

I get it. Marketing and selling your work can feel overwhelming, confusing, and downright icky.

You don't want to feel like you're pushing your work on people who aren't interested.

You have no idea whether the work you're doing now is getting you anywhere at all.

And you don't want to spend years trying figure out how to do this on your own and end up unsuccessful.

You can be successful at selling your work. Here's what it takes to get there:

Understand what makes you and your work unique

Get to know your ideal buyer

Learn about the marketing tools and tactics available to you

Create a plan that is unique to you and your ideal buyer

Then do the work

A marketing plan for your art is the tool that will help you sell more work. Here's how:

With a marketing plan, you will have a clear focus for your marketing rather than wondering what you should be doing.

You don't have to react every time someone suggests that you try a new marketing trick or tactic. You will have a clear plan against which you can assess any new ideas.

You can lose the "marketing feels icky" feeling. Creating a marketing plan based on who you and your ideal buyer are will help you feel authentic rather than pushy. 

When you identify your current marketing numbers and goals, you will be able look back monthly, quarterly, or annually and know what's working so you can keep doing what works (and eliminate the things that don't work).


— Introducing

Create a Marketing Plan for Your Thriving Art Business

This course is developed specifically for the artist who is more than ready to:

Sell more work and get back into the studio

Be confident with what you're doing to market and sell your art

Make informed, strategic decisions for your art business rather than simply following the crowd

Feel comfortable with promoting and selling your art—not feeling the slightest bit pushy

Stop struggling with where to start with trying to market your work

Have a clear direction for what to do now, next week, and next month to sell more work

Even feel excited (yes, it's possible) about marketing and selling your work


This course can take you from overwhelmed to successful at marketing and selling your art even if...

just thinking about marketing makes you want to hide under the covers

you dislike marketing in general (and even in theory)

you're just starting out and don't know the first thing about marketing

you have trouble motivating yourself to do the marketing work you already have on your to-do list

you haven't made one sale yet


Everyone (especially the highly-creative artist) needs support, good advice, and a community that understands you

Because we can't be successful in business on our own. No one knows all the answers.

With this course, you will be a member of the Art Marketing Project community for life. I will be here, along with all of the other members, to support you, help you make smart decisions, and, simply put: have your back.


Here's what's included in the course:

Module 1:  Marketing Metrics and SWOT Analysis

First, I will share with you what numbers you need to watch (and where to find them) so you'll know what is or isn't working in your business and your marketing. Knowledge is power when it comes to marketing. 

Then I'll walk you through a SWOT analysis, where you'll get clear on your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Module 2:  Get Clear on Your Artist Brand

Next, I'll guide you through exercises to get clear on your brand, even if you're not sure what a brand is or why you need one. Spoiler: you do need a brand and it's the next step in creating an authentic marketing plan.

Module 3:  Identify Your Ideal Buyer

Knowing your ideal buyer is the most important piece of your marketing plan, so we will spend a full module on this topic. I will help you get clear on your ideal buyer so the rest of your marketing decisions are much easier.

Module 4: Marketing System Strategy

There is no one thing that will skyrocket your sales any longer. Marketing requires a system that works to attract your audience, get them engaged, make sales, and build relationships.

I'll walk you through this system and share the marketing knowledge that you need to make smart decisions about your marketing system.

Module 5:  Marketing Tactics Deep Dive

In this module, we get into the details about social media, public relations, email marketing, sales outlets, and more, so you can make informed decisions about marketing.

Module 6:  Create Your Marketing Plan

In this final module, I'll bring everything together to walk you through creating your marketing plan and marketing calendar for the upcoming year. When you're done, you will have a strategic marketing plan created just for you (and by you) and a calendar for what you need to do tomorrow, next week, next month, and beyond.

Lessons are delivered via pre-recorded video, printable worksheets, and 6 weeks of group coaching calls. You can watch (and re-watch) lessons at any time.


What you will also receive as a member:

Full Course Workbook

Nearly 50 pages of lessons and information to help you create your marketing plan

Lifetime Access

You'll have lifetime access to the course (yes, I'm serious), including future updates

Support in Our Members-Only Facebook Group

Plus these if you purchase the course with six weeks of live coaching calls:

Weekly Live Group Coaching Sessions

Unlimited Opportunities for a Coaching Hot Seat

Plus Bonus Lessons Valued at Over $450!

Bonus 1: Setting Strong Goals for Your Business and Your Marketing

This lesson will walk you through how to create strong, clear goals for your marketing and your business so you'll have a clear view of where you want your business to be in a year.

Bonus 2: How to Choose Your Social Media Platforms

This lesson walks you through the different social media platforms and their audiences to help you decide where to focus your social media efforts.

Bonus 3: Networking, Business Development, and Partnerships

Learn best practices for using networking, business development and partnerships in your marketing plan.

Bonus 4: Advertising, Public Relations and Promotions

This lesson walks you through the basics of advertising, public relations, and promotions so you know how to use them to increase your sales.

You can do it! I'm here to help you along the way.

Here's what past students have to say:

I feel confident with my marketing plan. I'm excited to see how things grow over the next year.

Before this course, I didn’t have an overall concept of how marketing should work and I Iacked structure. I now have a calendar based on needs and goals and I know exactly what needs to be done for marketing for the entire month.

— Larry Reinhart

Truly, this was the BEST INVESTMENT EVER. I’ve increased my website traffic almost 500%!

Before taking this course, I was experiencing complete confusion and anxiety regarding marketing. I had no idea where to even begin. This is a fantastic, comprehensive course that gives artists the solid groundwork we need to be successful. 

I now know how to market my art, and I have a plan that I’m implementing. In the course I had guidance anytime I needed it, and access to other artists for support and different viewpoints. Cindy made marketing seem doable, not at all icky, and actually kind of fun.

— KC Lancaster

I have grown my Instagram audience significantly, redesigned my website, and gained valuable communication tools for networking and making sales.

This is an amazing course! Cindy truly helped me to improve my overall marketing and relationships with my audience. The course leads you, step by step, to create a custom marketing plan for your artwork that works with your creative schedule. There are useful tips that will save you time, grow your audience, and increase sales. Artists are small business owners, and this course helps those businesses stay in business.

— Grace Noel

The course is straightforward and well worth it.

Before taking this course, I was struggling with where to even start trying to market my work. The first few lessons gave me information I would never have thought to look for, yet alone try to implement into marketing. Unless you know marketing, this course has information you would never think of on your own. 

— David Aspelund

This course helped me develop a framework that feels authentic and gave me a plan of concrete, do-able steps.

As an artist, I didn't like the idea of "marketing" my work. But I love sharing my artwork and process with people. 

Since taking the course I’ve created a website where people can purchase my work, I was accepted into the Local Author Program at my local bookstore, I sold 10 copies to a friend's mother, and have sent a sample copy to another potential partner.

— Ingrid vB. Porter 



Receive immediate, lifetime access to the 6-week course consisting of video lessons, the full workbook, and weekly group coaching calls. 




Receive immediate, lifetime access to the 6-week course consisting of video lessons and a nearly 50-page workbook.


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About Me and the Art Marketing Project

I have committed most of my career to working in the visual arts and with artists. I have both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in marketing, have worked for 20+ years in marketing including art museums, art schools, art festivals, art districts, and performing arts organizations.

I teach in-person marketing courses and workshops for artists through Americans for the Arts as well as several local arts associations in and around my home state of Colorado.

My career in the arts had an unusual start: I was a single mom to a young, burgeoning artist whose kindergarten teacher suggested I enroll her in art classes. She started taking classes at our local art school and then I eventually became the school's marketing director.

My daughter is now in art school studying painting and I have been working directly with artists for several years. As you can see, I have a vested interest in helping artists to be successful!

I hope you'll join me for this course!

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